Winner of Nouveau Food Blogger of the Year Award 2019

Hello, Alokeparna here and this is my blog Good Food Memories. I live in Kolkata, India which happens to be my hometown as well. Enabled with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and an MBA in HR, I have had a multi-dimensional career in the past 20 years, most of which was spent in the social development sector working with international non-profits. Work had been all-consuming till it started hurting my health and I was forced to slow down. This gave me an opportunity to appreciate the small and big wonders of life- through self-care and renewing my bond with my first love- food. I was born with a rich culinary pedigree and food had been an integral part of my growing up years, courtesy my food-loving family. Almost everyone on my mom’s side was a culinary wizard. My childhood was filled with great food stories, pages (that had turned yellow) from the family recipe books, happy times shadowing my mom and mashie (aunt) in the kitchen and lotsa giggles as sis and I worked as little chefs learning tricks and tips from the masters.

My blog was born in November 2017. It’s a space where I share my food stories with you all and motivate us to create more such beautiful memories around food. I feel good food memories are not about whether the spices were perfectly balanced or whether the meat was undercooked or how many calories per serving. They are rather about Us. How all our senses get marvelled by the place, the people, the sound, the touch, the aroma and the taste. Good food memories are created when we feel happy, content and complete.

As I share my sweet nostalgia and newer experiences, I sincerely hope that my stories will inspire you to keep the phone aside (after clicking the food pics, of course), sit back, absorb the ambience, talk to people, cherish each bite and be in the moment. Cheers!

For collaborations and projects, please drop a mail to alokeparna@icloud.com for a quick response.

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Contributions to other publications:

1. Bakarkhani-a love story published by DailyO (India Today Group) on 14th February, 2019.

2. Kolkata Burrabazar food trail published by DailyO (India Today Group) on 7th November, 2018.

3. Origin and history of Phuchka, famous Kolkata street food- published by Petuk Magazine (Print Media) in it’s May 2018 issue.

4. Origin and history of Malpua, a much-loved Bengali Dessert- published by Petuk magazine in it’s February 2018 issue.